Join the iPad Scheme

If you would like your child to join our iPad scheme, you can choose your iPad model by following the link below:

Enrol here using the online portal

Once in the portal, tap or click on the iPad icon at the top of the page and make your choice of product. We offer two options: one with a standard protective case and one with a protective keyboard case.  There is no requirement to have a keyboard, but Sixth Form students may find this more useful given the increased requirement to write essays.

Changing your order

If you have already placed an order but would like to make a change to it, or discuss it further, please email Edutech who handle the ordering process on behalf of the school:

Contacting the Birmingham e-Learning Foundation

If you have specific family circumstances you would like to discuss with the Birmingham e-Learning Foundation (BeLF), a charity working with parents to support 1:1 device schemes in schools, please contact them directly.  You can do this by using the contact us tab at the bottom of the portal.  You can find out more about BeLF on their website: