iPad Support

Technical faults, breakages and insurance claims

If your child’s iPad has been damaged or developed a fault, it must be reported as soon as possible.

If you joined the iPad scheme in October 2019: Please complete the form on the following link.

Claim form (2019)

If you joined the iPad scheme in October 2018: Please complete the form on the following link and provide the policy number ICA3100902.

Claim form (2018)

Out of warranty and non-insurance claims

If you have an iPad that is no longer covered by the manufacturers’ warranty or any other insurance policy, Robert Hall Business Equipment may be able to arrange a chargeable repair for you. They can be contacted on 01452 858100 or at service@robert-hall.co.uk

Financial enquiries

Email: ian@belf.org.uk

Tel: 07375 533960

Personal iPad setup

For students bringing in their own iPad, independently of our scheme, the information on the page below will help prepare the device for school use:

Setting up your child’s iPad

All other queries

If you need any other help, please contact IT Services (itservices@bournside.gloucs.sch.uk)