International Week

Last week at Bournside we celebrated International Language Week.

From the very beginning of each day, students were exposed to the importance of “internationalism.” During each morning registration period, a series of activities and quizzes were attempted by tutor groups to show how important languages are and how much they form part of everyday life, even in the most subtle of ways. These were also used at the start of lessons. During each day, there was a main activity to participate in, catering for all abilities and ages.

Monday was Karaoke in different languages. On Tuesday, Zumba was offered, but with instructions in the three languages taught at Bournside – German, Spanish and French. On Wednesday, inspired by the cult show, ‘The Crystal Maze’, there was a Clue Quest, where students were fictitiously ‘locked in a room’, and they had to work together in groups in order to translate clues which were written in French, German or Spanish, then decipher the clues and subsequently get the key to ‘unlock the door’. This was very popular with 35 students taking part. On Thursday, there was a painting competition where students had the challenge to recreate in 20 minutes, one of the 20 international masterpieces from famous painters such as Picasso and Monet. Finally, Friday was spent focusing on our international student community; these students led taster language sessions to their peers in Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish and Mandarin.

Many activities were held over the course of the week, including: ‘Escape the room’ with clues written entirely in foreign languages, Zumba sessions and a challenge to recreate a famous artistic masterpiece in 20 minutes.

Tuesday was also ‘European Day of Languages’ and as such we celebrated this with our Year 7 students by creating a wall that was decorated in the European flags which they had created. Year 8 embarked on a creative activity where they used internal language phrases to create shapes, displayed in the school corridors.

To fully immerse the students in the cultural experience, our Dining Centre offered International dishes throughout the week. There was even a staff quiz to engage our many staff!

The week was enjoyed by all and also, in the build up to International week, our French A-Level Linguistic students attended a lecture at Cheltenham College, led by a French Journalism which was focussed on the political culture in France. Languages and their importance continue to be at the heart of our school community.

You can check out all of the photographs taken from International Week on our Facebook page.