Gloucestershire Young Photographer

Esme Brown, in year 9, recently entered the Gloucestershire Young Photographer competition and has received high commendations her piece, which has been chosen for the exhibition!

Out of all the entries from our students, Esme was one of 14 to have been selected for the exhibition but was also given high commendations from the judges of the competition. Esme has had a big interest in photography for a number of years but had only ever began using the camera on her mobile to try out. Her mum later paid for Esme to go on a photography day course in Bourton-on-the-Water, and last Christmas her mum had bought her a camera – all of which helped her dive into the hobby.

Esme was at her gran’s one day in February, who has a pond in her garden. Whilst she was looking for things to potentially photograph she spotted two frogs hiding within the grass blades and immediately set to use them as a photo piece, being able to use a bigger lens to zoom in closely whilst lying down in the grass in front of them to get the perfect snapshot. She did also take a photograph of a seagull at Hatherley Park but she and her mother both agreed on the frog photograph being the best; something the judges then later approved of!

Mr Burton congratulated Esme and asked what her next steps were for photography, to which she said “I’m definitely doing it for my options; it was my first choice. I’d also like to do photography for a career when I leave school as I’ve enjoyed it from such a young age.”

Well done Esme! The exhibition will be at the Parabola Arts Centre until the 29th April.