High expectations and high aspirations

At Bournside, we are very proud of our students and of the way that they commit themselves to their work. We challenge, encourage and inspire them to achieve more than their initial expectations. Students respond by achieving well beyond national standards at 14, 16 and 18. We foster skills that will not only help our students to learn and achieve academic success, but also to develop into confident individuals who can co-operate happily and productively with others.

Students’ hard work and efforts are recognised at the annual year 11 and year 13 awards evening

Over a hundred specialist teachers have experience in preparing and delivering lessons that are stimulating and challenging for all students, from the Year 7 student who is struggling with reading to the Year 13 student being prepared for Oxbridge entrance. We expect our students to maintain the highest standards of behaviour. We ask them to treat everyone with courtesy, warmth and consideration, building skills of teamwork and co-operation. We encourage them to show common sense and respect for property, and to understand their responsibility for the creation of an orderly, safe and positive environment.

Students are polite and respectful, behave well and show good attitudes to their learning.

Ofsted, September 2016

We tell our students what we expect of them, both individually and in tutor groups and assemblies. We expect our students to be smartly and correctly dressed for school and ask for the full support of parents in ensuring this. We reward effort, social contribution and positive attitudes as well as academic achievement.