Ellie’s Performing Arts Journey

Ellie has been involved in a number of school productions since being a student here, her most recent performance being in High School Musical, but little has been known about her life outside of school and the busy schedule it brings. After being made aware of it, Mr Burton invited Ellie to meet him and give her the opportunity to reveal all about what she’s been getting up to.

She began dancing at the age of 4 and has been involved in countless competitions, roles and festivals ever since – all through a variety of dance styles including tap, ballet and modern. Ellie entered her first competition at 9 and more recently made it through to the England finals last summer with a tap solo. Amongst the sheer enormity of her various performances include character dances, notably one as Roberta from The Railway Children, and has also taken part in National dancing including a Spanish dance using castanets. Aside from dancing, Ellie also has singing lessons once every two weeks. She didn’t realise she had the full potential to sing until around 12 years old when she was beginning to receive various Gold and Silver awards; she currently sings in part of the dance choir.

To add to these already incredible achievements, Ellie also auditioned for Stagebox’s Elite Team at the Savoy Theatre in London – where only 25 performers are picked out of 400 – and she made it through! Stagebox are a company that train performers aged 7-18 to help progress into musical theatre; the programme runs for five weeks of the year, every year, during the school holidays. Their Elite Team are even making appearances in the film and TV industry. She described the auditions as “very nerve wracking; I hadn’t done anything like it before.” but has already made some great friends with her fellow Elite Team members, commenting that “it feels like a big family.”

Mr Burton asked Ellie how she juggles her busy school life, with her exams close on the horizon, along with her evidently busy personal life. She explained “I have to organise my revision around any free time I can, even during my breaks at dance lessons. I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of my parents.” When asked about what advice she could give to our younger students, Ellie – rather inspiringly – said: “Never give up, even when times feel hard. If you’ve got a talent, persevere with it! If you manage your time right and stick with it you can do it. And always have an aim! I set myself an aim every year; this year’s aim is to book a job in the west-end.”

Mr Burton thanked Ellie for her time and commended her about how fascinating her achievements are, and that Bournside can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. “It makes my job feel really worthwhile when I hear about success stories like these from our students; I truly enjoy it.” Ellie plans to go on to study Performing Arts at Cirencester College, but will be on standby for Stagebox – as they will require her to leave her studies and commit to a UK tour if they book her a job.

Well done Ellie!