Year 7

The Year 7 curriculum starts with an introduction to team building and considers what it means to be a good friend. Students then transfer these skills to suggest responses to the questions ‘What does it mean to be a good citizen?’ As students mature, the course allows them to explore aspects of conflict resolution including bullying and cyber bullying. In addition students consider their own safety with an introduction to first aid and discussions about some of the risks associated with alcohol, other legal and illegal drugs. One of the highlights of Year 7 PSHE is the visit to Skillzone. Every student in Year 7 is offered the opportunity to visit this purpose built facility in Gloucester. It allows students to experience 6 key areas of potential risk for example walking down alleys and the activities within a police custody unit as well as examining the risks associated with home, fire and road safety.

Year 8

The Year 8 curriculum revisits topics such as bullying and alcohol, taking account of the students increasing maturity. In light of their growing awareness of the wider world, we also ask questions about global safety with a focus on conflicts around the World. Students also think about how they stand up for who they are and question their roles within the school community and their wider local and global communities too. For the last 4 years Year 8 have been shown the play ‘Chelsea’s Choice’ which is provided by the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Board. It allows students to consider what child exploitation might actually look like, as well as relating some of these real life experiences to their own lives. The play is followed up in PSHE lessons on staying safe online.

Year 9

Year 9 PSHE really gets to grips with the topics that may affect our young people in todays world. We discuss and debate the use of the UK’s political system including voting and using pressure groups to create change. Students get the opportunity to question local Magistrates about the juvenile justice system and also work with the Police to consider the consequences of advertising a house party on social media. In addition students consider current affairs such as racism and homophobia and suggest ways to prevent discrimination in our society. Year 9 also sees students consider the role of safe sex within healthy relationships.

Key Stage 4

Throughout key stage 4 students consider a range of issues that may affect them now and in the future. There is a focus on healthy relationships, including discussions on contraceptives and the changing nature of today’s families. Students also have the opportunity to consider the impact of their own mental health.

Careers and Work Related Learning are built into the PSHE curriculum and many other subject areas too. Right from Year 7, students are considering what it means for a business to belong to a job family all the way up to key stage 4, where students consider the role of work experience, think about taxes and ways to earn their own money.