Contacting Staff

Effective communication between you as parents/carers and the school, is an essential part of supporting your child in their progress. Whilst there are set dates in the school calendar for you to come into school to meet your child’s teachers, there will also be instances outside of these times, when you may wish to make contact with an individual member of staff or a department within the school. To support you in being able to do this effectively, we ask that you follow the simple guidance below. Who to contact With almost 200 members of staff at the school, sometimes it is difficult to know who to contact. If your query relates to an academic issue, we ask that you contact your child’s subject teacher in the first instance. Your child’s subject teacher will be able to liaise with the Head of Department for that subject if this is necessary. On rare occasions, it may be appropriate to contact the Head of Department first, rather than the teacher directly, however, this will not normally be the case. E.g. If you have a query about your son/daughter’s progress in English or if you have a query regarding the homework set by your child’s mathematics teacher, you should contact your son/daughter’s English or mathematics teacher directly, as necessary. If your query relates to a non-academic issue, we ask that you contact your child’s tutor, who is the first point of contact regarding any pastoral issues. Your child’s tutor will be able to liaise with your child’s Head/Assistant Head of Year if this is necessary. E.g. If you have a query relating to a change in home circumstances that you wish for us to be aware of, you should contact your child’s tutor. There are a very small number of students for whom the first point of contact should be our Student Support Team. (Mrs Lloyd – year 7-9 or Mrs Dixon – year 10-13). If this is the case, this will have been previously agreed between the parent/carer and the respective member of staff. If for any reason you do not know the name of your child’s teacher and would prefer not to ask your child, please look at their timetable on ParentFrog or call Reception (see below) who will be happy to help. How to contact There are a number of ways that you can make contact with a member of staff. Given the size of the school, our preferred method of initial communication is through email. It is perfectly acceptable to email a member of staff. If you wish to do this, please see the list of staff emails below. Email We ask that you only send the email directly to one person, although in some cases you may wish to copy (cc) another member(s) of staff so that they are aware of your contact. All emails received will be responded to within 2 working days. If you have a query that will take longer than this to respond fully to, you will receive an initial response within 2 working days and then a fuller response in due course. This response time may be slightly longer in the case of part-time staff. Staff emails are not monitored outside of school hours and whilst some members of staff may choose to respond to emails outside of school hours, this is actively discouraged in order to promote a healthy work/life balance for our staff. Any emails addressed to staff should be written in a polite and respectful manner, as will always be mirrored in our response to you as parents/carers. Telephone (01242 235555) There may be some instances when you may prefer to speak to someone directly. Our School Reception telephone line is active between 8:00am and 4:30pm (Monday to Thursday) and between 8:00am and 4:00pm (Friday). Please be aware that if your query is not a ‘general’ query and the member of staff at our School Reception is unable to respond fully to your query, we will provide you with the option of leaving a voicemail for the respective member of staff, which will be sent to their email account. As above, these messages will be responded to within 2 working days. Letter If you wish to write to a member of staff by letter, please address your letter as follows: MEMBER OF STAFF Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre Warden Hill Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL51 3EF Letters will be responded to within five working days of receipt of the letter. In person There are times when you may value the opportunity to have a conversation in person with a member of staff. If this is the case, please use one of the above forms of communication to request a meeting. Given the number of students at the school, it is highly unlikely that if you arrive in Reception without an appointment that you will be able to see the member of staff whom you would wish to. Emergencies In the case of an urgent message needing to be relayed to your child or a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team, please telephone the School Reception as above.

Pastoral Contacts

Attenborough House
Mr J Bashford Head of House
Mr M Banks House Tutor
Mr H Hunt House Tutor
Mr L George House Tutor
Mr D James House Tutor
Miss E Baker House Tutor
Miss R Panniers House Tutor
Mrs J Nelder House Tutor
Miss R Frost House Tutor
Miss E Askew House Tutor
Mr S Taylor House Tutor
Mrs A Dalton House Tutor
Miss E Knibbs House Tutor
Frank House
Mr J Crowford Head of House
Mr L Kelly House Tutor
Mr P Liles House Tutor
Mr S Millar House Tutor
Mr S Blakesley House Tutor
Miss N Hall House Tutor
Mrs E Tandy House Tutor
Ms L Jones House Tutor
Mrs K Whitlock House Tutor
Miss K Eatock House Tutor
Mrs L Duggan House Tutor
Miss R Wolsey House Tutor
Mrs K Ferguson House Tutor
Mrs L Tomkins House Tutor
Hawking House
Mr R Waters Head of House
Ms E Afseth House Tutor
Mr D Mumford House Tutor
Mr J Byrne House Tutor
Mrs C Jaep-Evans House Tutor
Miss S Bowen House Tutor
Mrs Brias-Avila House Tutor
Miss L Rigby House Tutor
Mr B Gibbons House Tutor
Mrs A Clare House Tutor
Mrs A Clare House Tutor
Mrs S Alat House Tutor
Mrs J Lewis House Tutor
Mr C Emerson House Tutor
Owens House
Miss J Kelly Head of House
Miss C Poole House Tutor
Mr E Bishop House Tutor
Mr O Winterbottom House Tutor
Mr D Bass House Tutor
Mrs T Jackson House Tutor
Miss R Marles House Tutor
Miss J Rees House Tutor
Mrs D Duncan House Tutor
Mr M Cutress House Tutor
Mrs Z Wilson House Tutor
Mrs J Daniels House Tutor
Mrs G Elliot House Tutor
Mrs L Joice House Tutor
Parks House
Mr M Hirons Head of House
Mr T Playfair House Tutor
Mr J Spashett House Tutor
Mr B Merritt House Tutor
Mr M Johnston House Tutor
Mrs S Williams House Tutor
Miss D Ryland House Tutor
Miss F Mitchell House Tutor
Miss S Sheppard House Tutor
Mrs J Cresswell House Tutor
Mrs K Tilling House Tutor
Mrs J Cheslin House Tutor
Miss R Sloan House Tutor
Dr J Adams House Tutor
Rowling House
Mr G Taylor Head of House
Mr R Watts House Tutor
Mr R Naylor House Tutor
Mr R Hemsley House Tutor
Mrs S Wills House Tutor
Mrs J Shermon-Tame House Tutor
Mrs E Barnard House Tutor
Mr A Saundry House Tutor
Mrs A O’Dwyer House Tutor
Mrs A Corbin House Tutor
Mrs E Fisher House Tutor
Mrs K Bowers House Tutor
Mrs S McCormack House Tutor

Pastoral Intervention Leaders

Mrs L Cubbins Pastoral Intervention Leader (Year 7)
Mrs E McConnell Pastoral Intervention Leader (Year 8)
Miss E Stafford Pastoral Intervention Leader (Year 9)
Miss N Berry Pastoral Intervention Leader (Year 10)
Mr D Mealing Pastoral Intervention Leader (Year 11)

Learning Support and Student Support

Mrs S Lees SENCO
Mrs V Weir SEND Lead Practitioner
Mrs C Lloyd Student Support Worker
Mrs B Dixon Student Support Teacher
Miss C Davis Behaviour Lead Practitioner
Mrs E Ashford-Kelleher Lead Practitioner for Intervention

Academic Contacts

Mr S Taylor Head of Department
Miss E Askew Assistant Head of Department
Mrs J Lewis Teacher of Art
Mrs J Pedley Teacher of Art/ITT Coordinator
Mrs K Ferguson Teacher of Art
Mrs S Willis Teacher of Art
Business, Economics and Law
Mr L Kelly Head of Department
Miss R Wolsey Teacher of Business
Computing and ICT
Mr H Hunt Head of Department
Mr R Naylor Assistant Head of Department
Mr Rob Waters Teacher of Computing and ICT
Mrs K Tilling Teacher of Computing and ICT
Mr C Emerson Teacher of Computing and ICT
Mrs J Cheslin Teacher of Computing and ICT
Design Technology
Mr B Gibbons Head of Department
Mrs S Alat Assistant Head of Department
Miss G Elliott Teacher of Design Technology
Mr J Bashford Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs L Joice Teacher of Design Technology
Miss N Hall Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs Leighton Teacher of Design Technology
Mr M Banks Head of Department
Mr D Freeman Teacher of Drama
Mrs D Duncan Head of Department
Miss L Tomkins Assistant Head of Department
Miss E Knibbs Teacher of English
Mrs A O’Dwyer Teacher of English
Miss C Poole Teacher of English
Mrs E Tandy Teacher of English
Miss J Kelly Teacher of English
Ms A Dalton Teacher of English
Miss R Sloan Teacher of English
Mrs Z Wilson Teacher of English
Miss E Baker Teacher of English
Mrs N Davis Teacher of English
Film and Media
Mr R Watts Head of Department
Miss R Marles Head of Department
Mr K Warren Teacher of Geography
Miss L Rigby Teacher of Geography
Mr S Blakesley Teacher of Geography
Mr P Lockyer Head of Department
Mr R Pope Assistant Head of Department
Mrs L Hemsley Teacher of History
Miss D Ryland Teacher of History
Mrs J Cresswell Teacher of History
Mrs S Williams Head of Department
Mr R Hemsley Assistant Head of Department
Mrs L Jones Assistant Head of Department
Mrs K Bowers Assistant Head of Department
Mr G Burton Teacher of Maths
Mr E Bishop Teacher of Maths
Mr J Spashett Teacher of Maths
Mr P Liles Teacher of Maths
Mr L George Teacher of Maths
Miss R Panniers Teacher of Maths
Mr D Mumford Teacher of Maths
Ms E Afseth Teacher of Maths
Mrs S McCormack Teacher of Maths
Modern Languages
Mr D Bass Head of Department
Mr M Johnston Assistant Head of Department
Mrs L Littlewood Teacher of Modern Languages
Mr J Byrne Teacher of Modern Languages
Miss R Frost Teacher of Modern Languages
Miss J Rees Teacher of Modern Languages
Mrs E Barnard Teacher of Modern Languages
Mrs T Brias-Avila Teacher of Modern Languages
Mr J Clift Head of Department
Mrs A Clare Teacher of Music
Mr M Cutress Teacher of Music
Mrs S Lees Teacher of Music
Miss F Mitchell Teacher of Psychology
Mrs J Nelder Teacher of Psychology
Physical Education
Mr O Winterbottom Head of Department
Mr G Taylor Head of Department
Mrs J Shermon-Tame Assistant Head of Department
Mr J Crowford Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs R Stickland Teacher of Physical Education
Mr M Hirons Teacher of Physical Education
Miss S Bowen Teacher of Physical Education
Mr M Stratford Teacher of Physical Education
Religious Studies
Mr M Gray Head of Department
Miss L Rudge-Wills Assistant Head of Department
Mr T Playfair Assistant Head of Department
Mr Andrew Saundry Head of Department
Mrs A Corbin Assistant Head of Department/Head of Chemistry
Mr B Merritt Head of Biology
Mr S Millar Head of Physics
Mr D James Teacher of Science
Mrs E Fisher Teacher of Science
Miss K Eatock Teacher of Science
Mrs K Whitlock Teacher of Science
Mrs T Jackson Teacher of Science
Mr J Adams Teacher of Science
Miss S Sheppard Teacher of Science
Mrs S Farsani Teacher of Science / Head of Chemistry
Sociology & Health and Social Care
Mrs J Daniels Head of Department
Mrs J Daniels Teacher of Sociology & Health and Social Care

Senior Leadership Team

Mr G Burton Headteacher
Miss K Hanley Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Stratford Deputy Headteacher
Mr W Penny Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Lees Assistant Headteacher
Mr K Warren Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Hemsley Assistant Headteacher

Other Departments

Admin Services/Reception
IT Services
Sixth Form