English and mathematics centres of excellence

One of the advantages of being a large school is that we are able to offer a very broad curriculum for our students and have a vast range of options for students to choose from outside the core curriculum, at GCSE and A level. However, we are very mindful that a significant part of every student’s curriculum lies in both English and mathematics and, as such, we take great pride in boasting some exceptional facilities in these two subjects.

Pupils’ behaviour in lessons is often exemplary, and rarely less than good.
Ofsted, September 2016

Our English block with light, airy and dynamic classrooms promote high-quality teaching and learning across all age groups from 11 to 18. Students excel in English at our school and, following seven years of inspirational teaching, many go on to study an English-based higher education qualification when they leave us at the age of 18.

Our state-of-the-art maths hub is a £2.4m facility comprising 12 classrooms, each designed around a mathematician or a mathematical concept to enable our students to continue to shine in the subject. The department is a beacon of excellent practice for creativity and innovation, providing the necessary platform for our students to continue to develop their confidence in, and mastery of, mathematics.