Careers and Work Related Learning

Who we are

Karen Heppleston (right) and Kathryn Lawton (left) bring a wealth of careers-related experience to both the main school and sixth form.

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Our aim

To complement our student’s education, we aim to introduce students across all years, to the possibilities and options available when they leave Bournside, building their knowledge and confidence, so they can make informed choices about their future. We believe a strong programme of CEIAG and WRL is important and it:

  • Makes a major contribution to preparing students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life
  • Supports young people to achieve their full potential
  • Empowers young people to plan and manage their own futures
  • Provides information which is a key determinant of career choice highlighting the importance of providing comprehensive information on all options
  • Raises aspirations
  • Promotes equality, diversity, social mobility and challenges stereotypes
  • Supports young people to sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives
  1. We run a programme of career activities through Years 7-13, with the aim of building the students’ knowledge and understanding of the opportunities available, whether in further education or directly into a work based training programme.
  2. We are applying the Gatsby Benchmarks in all that we do within Careers at Bournside.
  3. ALL teachers and Curriculum areas are applying the skills and knowledge for their area and linking curriculum learning with careers. (STEM) subject teachers highlight the relevance of STEM subjects for a wide range of future
    career paths. And all subject teachers emphasise the importance of succeeding in English and maths.
  4. We recognise the importance of students understanding the work environment and the expectations of them as future trainees, students and employees. We therefore focus on ensuring our students recognise the culture, behaviours & skills sought by employers & Universities/Colleges, to give them the best start at being an effective contributor to their organisation and fulfilling their potential
  5. We are committed to maximising the benefits for students using a whole school approach which involves IAG from qualified Advisors, support from staff within the school, curriculum areas and we work with employers and other local agencies to support our students into their next steps.
  6. We recognise our statutory duties (adhering to the Latest Statutory Guidance issued in October 2018) and we will ensure that all students will have equity of access to impartial careers advice and guidance.
  7. We aim to prepare our students for greater independence and self-reliance through providing support for managing their time, finances and wellbeing
  8. We recognise that effective careers guidance contributes to raising aspirations, improving motivation and overcoming barriers to success.
Please see our Careers Policy for further details.

Resources used in school


Careers and Work Related Learning, Resource Companion, Links to many useful documents and careers sites.


Good for University, Apprenticeships, MOOCs, recording Competencies, CV, Personal Statements, Activities


A comprehensive and extensive guide to different careers.


Careers and Work Related Learning
Resource Companion
Links to many useful documents and careers sites.

It is important that your study programme is right for you so that you leave sixth form with the qualifications, knowledge, skills and personal qualities you need to enjoy a successful future.  

Your choice at Year 9, 11 and 18 may be influenced by your future study and career plans, by your abilities and qualifications, by your interests and your preferred style of learning, but you may also want to look at trends in your career area. 

Use the Job Sectors below to search for jobs, qualifications and LMI – Labour Market Information.