Brilliant Club

Mr Burton met with this year’s Brilliant Club members to catch up and discuss what they’ve been taking part in so far since joining the scheme.

This year’s Brilliant Club consists 12 of our Year 8 students: Lydia, Florence, Isobel, Poppy, Alice, Jensen, Madison, Harry, Madee, Cyprien and Ben. They’ve so far had two sessions, held at the University of Bristol which they were able to have a full tour of the campus and experience university life first-hand.

As part of the scheme, they have been looking at two topics, one of which being Perfect/Imperfect Obligations and the effects this can have on people and society. They’ve investigated a variety of different scenarios that would demand a choice to be made and through discussions they conclude whether the choice would be a perfect or imperfect obligation and the justifications behind that decision. When asked how they defined the two, one member explained: “A perfect obligation is a choice that is done for everyone, such as being kind to people and not bullying. An imperfect obligation is a choice that is made for a specific individual, such as giving up your seat on the bus for a pregnant woman.”

The second topic has been focusing on Paternalism, which Jensen described as “a situation where, for example, a child doesn’t want to have an operation but the parent has to make the decision for them and be in charge of their best interests.” They will eventually be given a 1,500 word assignment covering these two topics which will then be reviewed and marked by their PhD tutor, Rachel Williams, and the Brilliant Club board.

When asked how their experience has been so far being in the scheme, one student commented: “It’s something I’ve never done before and I’m really enjoying it. I like the fact that we’re a smaller group because it means we all get to play a bigger part in the session and be able to say more.” Another student added: “It’s a nice change from the courses available at school and the fact that we’re learning something that would normally be a much higher level. It’s definitely challenged my thinking.”

Well done to the Brilliant Club members for their continued hard work in the scheme and we look forward to sharing their graduation success with you in the coming months!