Brilliant Club Graduation

Following on from their meeting with Mr Burton earlier in the academic year, members of the year 8 Brilliant Club came together once again to be congratulated on their recent graduation.

Having completed their assignments on paternalism, Isobel, Florence, Madee, Madison, Alice, Lydia, Samuel, Jensen, Ben, Cyprien, Poppy and Harry recently attended a graduation ceremony at Cardiff University.

Some members of the Brilliant Club were somewhat apprehensive prior to this visit. They had never been inside a university building before and weren’t sure what to expect. However, they all found the trip enjoyable and gained a valuable insight into university life.

These students are the third group of Brilliant Club members at the school; the Brilliant Club itself being in its second year of running. Mr Waters and Miss Gay described it as a fantastic achievement and are very proud of their year 8 students, who when asked to summarise the experience in three words, described it as, “interesting, engaging and exciting!”