Bournside Linguists

Our Modern Languages department have been supporting various students in communicating with a pen pal and have been actively involved in it since the beginning of the academic year. Pen pals have been introduced from various countries such as Germany and France; some of our students have more than one! Josh, who has a German pen pal called Louise, started by simply asking her questions such as where she lived and how she was. He explained that although they usually communicate in English they do try to speak in German as well. They typically all come together every Thursday lunchtime and, with the help of Mr Johnston, they will receive their letter from the pen pal and reply. The students are very excited as they will soon be able to communicate with their pen pal online through a dedicated website.

Mr Bass commented “You’ve all worked really hard to make it a success and it’s fantastic when I see lots of packs of letters coming in to the school; you’ve really embraced it and I’m pleased with how much you’ve all gotten stuck in to it!”, Miss Fernandez added “It’s a great opportunity to further educate yourselves on the languages as you’re checking their English whilst they’re checking your French/German.”

Meanwhile, two of our sixth formers, Boriana and Iris, recently entered a competition within the European Commission where they were required to translate a large transcript from Spanish to English. The competition was set under exam conditions and a time limit so, aside from the aid of a dictionary, it was purely up to their individual linguistic skills to carry out the task! Sadly the girls didn’t win the competition but they have still been commended for their efforts and received a certificate which will go towards their personal statements.  Iris said “It was really enjoyable and I did actually learn some new words from it too!”