Austin’s Archery

Mr Burton has offered his commendations to Austin, one of our year 9 students, for his recent and vast successes within archery and involvement with Archery GB that he kindly shared with us.

Austin has had a heavy involvement in Archery from the age of 7 after he had first discovered the sport and developed an almost immediate keen interest for it and started out by taking beginner classes, gradually progressing his skills with hard work and training before becoming the county champion at the age of 9! He became the National Champion for his age group last year and also came third place this summer, but is also currently ranked number one in the county for the Juniors – which is aged up to 19. He has had a lot of support from his family, taking him to each of the competitions meaning they have been away for the majority of the weekends throughout the year.

Austin regularly represents Gloucestershire at various competitions all across the country, which he says is rigorously planned and calendared as it is entirely score led. He explained how for a typical competition he would shoot from four distances ranging from 20-50 metres. As part of his involvement with Archery GB he showed us an example of his diet which is carefully planned and arranged by official Archery GB dieticians, but he finds it very easy to follow. When asked about what his next ambitions are he expressed that he is hopefully aiming to take part in the Youth Olympic Games, furthering that to then taking part in the full Olympics when he is older.

We’re delighted to share yet another incredible achievement from one of our students. Well done, Austin.