Apprentice in Armes

Zofia, in year 7, has recently become an Apprentice in Armes. The Apprentices in Armes are the cadet branch of the Sealed Knot: the Society of Roundheads and Cavaliers. The society specialises in the re-enactment, history and commeration of the English Civil War.

Zofia came interested in battle re-enactments after a friend of her family invited her to attend an event. She has now been involved for several years. As an Apprentice in Armes, Zofia attends training events four times each year which are held at various venues across the country. Under the instruction of the Master of Apprentices, training involves 17th century foot drill and the use of weapons such as swords, pikes and muskets.

Apprentices are required to provide full costume, which includes boots, trousers and shirts. Zofia intends to go on to learn to play the drums and provide music at future re-enactments.