IFS Student Investor Challenge

We are delighted that over 150 Bournside students took part in this year’s IFS Student Investor Challenge. This national competition for secondary schools, which took place from October 2019 to mid-April 2020, required students to invest £100,000 of virtual money on the UK stock market. The aim of the project was for students to have fun, whilst learning key investment and economic skills to equip them for the commercial world.

Head of Business, Economics and Law, Mr Kelly said: “I was thrilled to see three Bournside teams make it through to the final, coming in the top 300 out of 10,000 teams (40,000 students) in the UK. One of our teams, The Bois, made up of Kuba, Toby, Yannis, and Josh, secured a portfolio value of £107,000 by the end of a four-month period, seeing a 7% yield – an incredible achievement over a short space of time. Students had to ensure they had a clear strategy in place, whilst monitoring company/economic current affairs and trends in helping to make accurate investment decisions.

The challenge in the final was to estimate how much fluctuation there would be in set company share prices on a weekly basis. IFS gave the students challenging companies to predict such as travel firms, who at the time were caught up in the initial outbreak of COVID-19 so we saw huge uncertainty in share prices, which we haven’t seen since the 2008 financial crash. A huge well done to all students.”

A special congratulations to Brown Syrup, made up of Ella, Isabelle, Lottie, and Sophie who are our winning team Bournside team, coming 110th out of the 10,000 teams who registered for the competition.

Top 3 Bournside teams

  1. Brown Syrup – 110th – Ella, Isabelle, Lottie, and Sophie
  2. The Bois – 163rd – Kuba, Toby, Yannis, and Josh
  3. Here Comes the Money – 266th – Ethank, Freddie, Kieran, and Riley.

For more information visit www.studentinvestor.org.