Youth Parliament candidates

We’re very proud of our five students who stood for election to represent Cheltenham and Tewkesbury in the UK Youth Parliament.

Connie, Holly, Isabella, Molly and Samuel, from years 7 to 10, put forward compelling campaigns and, despite not winning, did fantastically well to stand in this election process.

The students’ campaigns included a number of proposals to improve the lives of young people in their local area, tackling various issues including environmental issues, knife crime, childhood obesity and mental health.

For Connie (year 7), environmental issues were the main focus of her campaign, and presented her proposal to get as many single-use plastics banned or properly recycled at school: “I believe that by stopping environmental damage will make our future lives better for us and our children,” she said.

For Holly (year 7), mental health, knife crime and the environment were key areas of focus. “Mental health needs to be easier to access,” said Holly. Mental health was a subject that Molly (year 9) was also passionate about, as well as making transport easier for young people.

Isabella (year 8) was keen to represent young people and their ideas and suggested proposals to reduce childhood obesity. Samuel (year 10) was keen to act as a voice for young people and work with local organisations to address the issues that concern them.

Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Hemsley said: “This is a huge achievement for these students to have stood for office at this age. We’re very proud of them.”

To find out more about the UK Youth Parliament, and to read more about the winning candidate for Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, Jamie Burrell, visit:

Isabella in year 8 put herself forward as a candidate