Year 8 STEM Day

Our year 8 students have been designing and producing solar-powered cars this week in a fun and challenging STEM event in conjunction with GE Aviation.  

Teams of six students worked together to investigate, design and produce a prototype of a viable solar-powered car – a rewarding task which combines both engineering and creativity.

The students had to find solutions to engineering problems, research aerodynamics, and design a car which would express their own creativity.

Charlie in year 8 said: “It’s really fun learning about the electronics and it’s cool to make a car that can move. I think it’s going to be fast!”

The students had the challenge of working with others they do not normally work with, as in a normal work environment. Each team of six was divided into three departments: electrical/production department, design department, and the research department. Their work was displayed around the room and they had the opportunity to race their cars at the end of the day.

Tom Scharf, Lead Electrical Design Engineer at GE Aviation said: “I enjoy watching the children creating very individual cars in a short space of time. I really enjoy the creativity,” he said. “It’s a really well run event and is very enjoyable to be part of.”