UK Youth Parliament Ballot

Last week, Bournside students had the opportunity to cast their votes in the ‘Make Your Mark’ UK Youth Parliament Ballot that has been taking place at schools and colleges nationally. The ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot allows students from across the UK to decide what the UK Youth Parliament should debate at the upcoming Youth Parliament House of Commons debates in November. The top five issues will be debated and will result in two new campaigns being launched in January 2020 to help tackle issues most important to UK youths.

Bournside Students were asked to vote on a wide range of issues including Votes at 16, Tackling Hate Crime, Tackling Child Poverty, Mental Health and Putting an End to Knife Crime. Students also had the opportunity to raise a local issue that was important to them.

Votes being counted by members of the Community Ministry

The two biggest issues students at Bournside voted for were Protecting the Environment (615 votes) and Putting an End to Knife Crime (358 votes). Locally, there were several issues raised that are most important to our students: Recycling and litter in the community, traffic and road conditions, reducing crime in the area and fighting against the closure of Cheltenham’s A&E department.

Overall, nearly 1,200 pupils took part in having their democratic voice heard in support of the upcoming Youth Parliament debates. The overall turnout for the vote was 69%, which is a higher turn out than any general election since 1997! Over the coming months, our brand new School Parliament led by six Ministries (Community, Culture, Well-being, Learning, Facilities and Equality) will be using the results of the ballot to drive their exciting leadership projects ensuring that all students at Bournside get to have their say.