Partner school visit

On Wednesday 12th June, nearly 50 year 7 students from Collège Henri Brunet in Normandy spent a day experiencing British school life at Bournside School.

The two schools are involved in a ‘pen-pal’ programme and the students were able to meet their pen pals for the first time and find out more about each other in person. At the same time that the French students are visiting Bournside, a group of our year 9 students are visiting their home town of Caen.

The visit was a fantastic way for French schoolchildren to find out about the differences between French and British school life, and for our students to enhance cultural understanding of one of our closest European neighbours, as well as improving their language skills. The French students took a tour of the school, led by year 10 students who are taking part in the ‘Language Leaders’ programme, and experienced a range of lessons.

Many of the Cheltenham year 7s will be hoping to visit their pen-pals in 2021 but, until then, it’s back to old-fashioned pen, paper and stamps.