Design Technology activity day

Congratulations to all of the year 9 students that took part in our annual activity day in Design Technology this week. Twenty-eight students competed in the event, working in small groups to create an innovative product which they presented at the end of the day. The students then voted to select the winners in each of the three categories: Textiles, Food and Nutrition and Product Design.

In Textiles, the students produced a creative product using recycled and re-purposed materials including plastic. The winners were Ella, Sophie and Alicia (pictured below) who made a dress worthy of the catwalk using plastics and other recycled materials.

In Food and Nutrition, the students produced a healthy brunch menu suitable for teenagers for Burger King restaurants and the students created a diverse menu including stuffed peppers, healthy muffins and smoothies. Well done to Kiri, Daisy and Niamh (pictured below) who won this category.

And in Product Design, the students had to devise a hydraulic-powered robotic arm to carry out simple tasks. Congratulations to Charlie, Ezmie and Olivia (pictured below) who won this category.

All of the students impressed their fellow students and teachers with their creativity and innovative ideas. Well done to all those who took part!