Destinations Day

The whole of year 12 had their annual ‘Destinations Day’ on 23rd May. Students opted to either focus on a university pathway or alternative pathways, whether that be apprenticeship or employment.

Those pursuing the university pathway took part in workshops on UCAS and the application process; why to go to university and what to study; student finance; student life; personal statements and budgeting at university. The University of Bristol, Birmingham, Gloucestershire and Worcester all supported this day delivering valuable sessions to students.

For those students looking at an alternative pathway through apprenticeships or employment, we looked at boosting their CV, first impressions, commercial awareness, Q and A with apprentices and psychometric testing.

We are grateful for the support of Gloucestershire College, Prospect Training, South West Apprenticeship Company, Royal Navy, RAF, GE Aviation and Hazlewoods, for working with our students.

The whole year group finished the day looking at degree apprenticeships with the University of Gloucestershire.