Celebrating success

At Bournside, we believe that students respond well to recognition and reward and as such we celebrate the success of our students by rewarding achievement. Achievement is something that is accomplished through the positive everyday behaviour of our students; their attitudes and their interactions within the school and the wider community that goes beyond compliance.

From September 2019, our school’s Achievement and Rewards system will provide clear behaviours that students can be can rewarded for, enabling all students to experience success. House points will be allocated to students for their achievements and their House points contribute to the overall house tally.

The school has introduced a Ladder of Achievement and Rewards (click here to see the document) which clearly outlines positive behaviours and contributions which students can rewarded for by members of staff within our school community. House points will be awarded to students during lessons, but can also be awarded for extra-curricular and wider community contribution.

Parents and carers will be able to view their son/daughter’s achievements through the Gateway app, every time a house point is awarded by a teacher or event organiser.

Please note that the postcard system will cease as of 19/07/2019 and will be replaced by the house points system which will start on 05/09/2019.,