Bournside’s School Parliament

In November, the student representatives of our six new ministries making up our School Parliament met for the first time. The School Parliament has been formed to empower student voice, enabling students to work in partnership with staff towards achieving common goals for our school.

Each ministry has a different remit (see below), giving students the opportunity to discuss key topics and give their suggestions for improvements. The ministries consist of 14 students plus two Ministers from sixth form. The 12 Ministers together form the Cabinet in the School Parliament.

The six new ministries are:

Learning Ministry
Remit: teaching and learning including with iPads
Representatives: Zara, Spencer, Victoria, Harrison, Molly, Anna, Alicia, Cam, Steve, Nesta, Lola, Max, Adam, Abi
Sixth Form Ministers: Jamie and Josh

Equality Ministry
Remit: inclusion, including SEND, disadvantaged students, gender, ethnicity and sexuality
Representatives: Dylana, Euan, Erin, Wilf, Bethan, Kate, Holly, Julia, Aanya, Finn, Sophia, George, Filip, Mimmy
Sixth Form Ministers: Grace and Kian

Community Ministry
Remit: local and global community outside of Bournside
Representatives: Anna, Luke, Laura, Toby, Aimee, Caitlin, Laura, Kian, Hamish, Charles, Ella, Naomi, Regi, Alex
Sixth Form Ministers: Grace and Aura

Wellbeing Ministry
Remit: caring for ourselves and the environment within Bournside, including anti-bullying
Representatives: Emily, Grace, Harry, Rose, Lily, Annie, Daisy, Freya, Carys, Lottie, Lewis, Lottie, Joe, Grace
Sixth Form Ministers: Jamie and Megan

Culture Ministry
Remit: culture including house system, extra-curricular activities
Representatives: Finn, Razina, Charlotte, Tiggy, Jack, Rosie, Tegan, Tobi, Talulla, Harrison, Poppy, Leyah, Brogan, Tommy
Sixth Form Ministers: Keiron and Claire

Facilities Ministry
Remit: physical resources including the dining centre and toilets

Representatives: Elizabeth, Amelia, Ruby, Oliver, Luke, Eloise, Luke, Isabelle, Christian, John, Emily, Morgan, Dan, Eleanor
Sixth Form Ministers: Alex and David

The Equality Ministry