Entry Criteria

The detailed entry criteria below aim to support each student being placed on the most appropriate pathway, based on their prior attainment, which ensures they are best placed to achieve success and go on to secure their desired destination. Please note the school reserve the right to extend special circumstances to students who may have been disadvantaged across their main school study. If you have any questions about our requirements, these should be directed to the Head of Sixth Form in the first instance.

Entry Criteria 2017/18

Principles to Pathways:

  • You must meet the criteria below (relevant to the desired pathway)
  • You must meet the requirements for the subjects you wish to study
  • You must achieve a minimum Grade 4 (C grade equivalent) for GCSE English Language or Literature to study pathway A””C. Please note you will be required to retake Mathematics if a Grade 4 is not achieved.

Pathway A – A Level Programmes

  • You must achieve a minimum of 2 grade B’s and 4 grade C’s at GCSE (including grade 4 English Language or Literature).

Pathway B – BTEC Programmes

  • You must achieve a minimum of 5 grade C’s at GCSE including English Language grade 4.
  • For all subjects you wish to study at BTEC National a minimum grade C must be achieved.

Pathway C – Combination Programme

  • This pathway will allow a combination of A Level and BTEC National Courses. You must achieve a minimum of 5 grade C’s at GCSE including English Language grade 4.

Pathway D – Level 2 Programme

  • We offer students the opportunity to study with us if they have not managed to achieve the number of GCSE passes required for pathway A – C. The aim of the level 2 programme is for students to study for 1 year in the sixth form to secure the necessary grades to then access our Level 3 pathways. Following the successful completion of our Level 2 programme, students can then move onto study Pathways A, B or C. If you choose this route and are successful, it is likely that you will stay in the sixth form for 3 years instead of the usual 2.
  • We consider any student who does not meet the entry criteria for pathway A – C. However, students who wish to study Pathway D must require GCSE Mathematics and/or GCSE English Language retake provision and achieved at least a grade 2 in either subject.

Year 13 re-entry criteria

In order to progress from Year 12 into Year 13 students need to have demonstrated good progress on their programme of study. A student’s place in year 13 will be evaluated at the end of year 12 and a student’s attitude to learning, attendance and progress across the year will inform their successful progression into year 13. Cheltenham Bournside Sixth Form Centre reserves the right to refuse re-entry into year 13 based on any of the previous factors.